Comp-Tac™ joins the HSGI® family

High Spee Gear® recently acquired Kydex® gear manufacturer Comp-Tac Victory Gear™.

Comp-Tac™ has been a leading brand in the hostler community since its inception in 2000. Comp-Tac™ has developed and manufactures a full line of Kydex® holsters – tactical, competition, concealed carry (appendix, IWB and OWB), hybrid (Kydex® and leather), revolver holsters, holsters for firearms with lights or lasers, as well as holsters designed specifically for women. In addition to the full line of holsters, Comp-Tac™ provides great Kydex® solutions for magazine pouches.

The Comp-Tac™ product lines truly are a perfect addition to the gear we at High Speed Gear® have provided for years. These holsters add a complete depth to the line and work seamlessly with High Speed Gear® and mirror the quality and innovation that you have come to expect from us. Furthermore, Comp-Tac™ has been the #1 holster used at the IDPA National Championships for the past six years!

While Comp-Tac’s™ design, manufacturing, support and distribution will remain in their current location in Houston, we recently broke ground on an additional two-story distribution facility in Swansboro, NC, to increase our capabilities and meet the worldwide demand for our products.

The Comp-Tac™ line can be seen at and

As High Speed Gear® and Comp-Tac™ continue to expand, we welcome all inquiries:

Most products are now available in MultiCam® Black!

Get ready to complete your MultiCam® Black kit! The recent addition of MC Black to part of our catalog has been so popular that High Speed Gear® is expanding the pattern to the majority of our products!

Check out the website or contact your local HSGI® dealers to find out what’s available in MC Black.

Get your TACO® fix with the new Polymer TACOs®!

High Speed Gear® is pleased to announce the release of our Polymer TACO® family! These pouches, made from our proprietary polymer blend and woven with our traditional shock cord and pop locks, use the same patented design as our originals, but with a few added features.

Each TACO® comes with our new, universal HSGI® Clips, which can mount to MOLLE or convert to belt loops for attachment to belts up to 2” (see below for instructional video). They are also compatible with most other mounting hardware.

The tops of these pouches are flared for easy indexing of magazines and the brackets are durable and flexible. The pop locks are oriented down to keep excess shock cord out of the way and grommets provide easy drainage. The front of each rifle Polymer TACO® also features attachment points for the addition of more Polymer TACOs®, Polymer Pistol TACOs® or other pouches.

This family includes the Polymer Pistol TACO®, Polymer Mini Pistol TACO®, Polymer TACO®, Polymer X2R TACO® and Polymer Double Decker® TACO®.

These pouches are also our lightest yet!

Complete your duty rig with HSGI®

High Speed Gear® is pleased to announce the release of an entire line of gear. Our Duty line of pouches were designed with direct input from law enforcement professionals. Our Duty TACOs® function the same as the originals and feature sleeker fronts and hidden shock cord, which is woven internally.

This family includes the Duty Pistol TACO®, Duty Double Pistol TACO®, Duty Glove Pouch, Duty Extended Pistol TACO®, Duty Handcuff TACO®, Duty Double Handcuff TACO®, Duty LEO TACO®, Duty Radio TACO® and Duty MAC TACO®, as well as our new HSGI® Shoulder Bag, Cop Lock Duty Belt and Belt Keepers.

These products are designed to provide the same versatility High Speed Gear® is known for while also meeting the regulations of most law enforcement departments.

Our Duty pouches also come in one universal mounting configuration using our modified HSGI® Clips. These new clips mount to MOLLE like the originals, but also come with a screw assembly that converts the clip into a belt loop for use with belts up to 2”.

Our new Kydex Outside the waistband holsters are here! The HSGI® OWB Holster’s precision-molded Kydex ensures a tight grip and smooth operation, while the adjustable, curved belt loops enhance concealment and comfort. This holster includes removable adapter pieces that enable it to securely fit both 1.5” and 1.75” belts. Additionally, the minimalist cut and precision mold of each holster prevents discomfort or “biting” when sitting or kneeling. These holsters also feature smooth outer surfaces for safe and sleek use.

Currently available for both GLOCKs and Smith & Wesson M&Ps! (see for specific compatible models)

Check out this video to learn more: