Double Extended Pistol / Baton TACO®

$70.00 Regular Price $70.00
This pouch will keep two extended pistol or submachine gun magazines secure and readily available. The Double Extended Pistol TACO® pouches are permanently secured to a laser-cut laminate base, ensuring easy and stable mounting on any MOLLE or PALS platform, such as vests, plate carriers, or duty belts. The Double Extended Pistol TACO® can hold almost any caliber extended pistol magazine, flashlight, baton, and many other similarly sized items.

• Securely holds most extended pistol magazines
• Magazines deploy easily and silently on demand
• Also fits large flashlights, collapsible batons, and similarly sized items
• Quick deployment & positive, adjustable retention
• MOLLE mount with HSGI® clips
• Berry Compliant

Dimensions: 6.25” x 4” x 1.25”, .28lbs
Metric: 15.87cm x 10.16cm x 3.17, 132g