ReFlex™ Hanger

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The ReFlex™ IFAK was developed with direct input from active-duty medical personnel. The ReFlex™ Hanger system is a two-piece system, med roll and hanger carrier, that is designed to attach directly to the hook and loop of a plate carrier to carry organized medical supplies with ambidextrous accessibility. The system, constructed primarily with heavy-duty nylon laminate, allows rapid deployment of medical supplies was designed around the medical supplies included in the U.S. Army-issued IFAK. The ReFlex™ Hanger and ReFlex™ Med Roll can be purchased together or separately.
- Allows ambidextrous access to supplies
- Adjustable retention
- Elastic loops for markers, chem lights, etc
- Fitted, ambidextrous slots for medical shears
- Hook and loop hanger for integration with a wide variety of plate carriers and chest rigs
- Loop ID panel
- MOLLE slots on bottom for pouch or tourniquet attachment
- Nylon laminate construction
- Made in USA; Berry compliant
Dimensions: 8"L x 6"W x 5.5"H, .485lbs
Metric: 20.32cm x 15.24cm x 13.97cm, 220g

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