High Speed Gear® brings new manufacturing to Windsor

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High Speed Gear® brings new manufacturing to Windsor

High Speed Gear® is coming to Windsor, N.C., as it continues to grow its manufacturing, meaning more job opportunities for the area as the North Carolina-based tactical gear manufacturer opens a new facility.


HSGI® is the largest full-time employer in its native Swansboro, N.C., where its headquarters and main facility are located. The brand has seen much success over the years, serving numerous federal and state law enforcement agencies, as well as all branches of the military and several special operations units.


“It’s been really amazing to see our company grow over the years,” exclaimed Bill Babboni, HSGI® vice president of sales and operations. “High Speed Gear started out in 1999 as a garage-based custom shop serving the Marines from Camp Lejeune, eventually moving to a small building, then to a much larger facility, then expanding on that facility and now leasing an additional large facility. We are incredibly proud of this growth and of our impact on and loyalty to the community we started in and remain with today. At this point, we are the largest full-time employer in Swansboro, and we take a lot of satisfaction in supporting this town and its people.”

As the company searched for cut-and-sew expansion locations, Bertie County repeatedly came up as a contender and, after much review, they decided to stand up a location in Windsor. Even now, contractors are busy putting up walls, painting, wiring, and getting the facility on County Farm Road ready for operation.


“Bertie County is excited to welcome High Speed Gear to Windsor,” said Steve Biggs, Bertie County economic development director. “High Speed Gear has proven to be a great corporate neighbor in Swansboro, N.C., providing good jobs with great benefits. After working with them over the past few months on their expansion, I can only say great things about HSGI. They have followed through on every promise made. High Speed Gear’s reputation for customer service, and their commitment to their employees is the type of company that all developers seek out for their communities. We look forward to our citizens being able to start a new career with High Speed Gear.”


HSGI plans to look for responsible individuals seeking a 40-hour work week with benefits that include paid holidays, paid time off, health insurance and 401k plans. This opportunity is ideal for individuals with sewing machine experience, with additional positions planned as the facility grows. Applicants must pass a background check and drug screening.


“We’re so thrilled to come to and become a part of this community,” said Babboni. “This is another big, important step for High Speed Gear and we look forward to an amazing future in Windsor.”

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