New Colors Now Available for HSGI® Polymer TACOs®

New Colors Now Available for HSGI® Polymer TACOs®
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New Colors Now Available for HSGI® Polymer TACOs®

SWANSBORO, N.C. – April 29, 2022 – High Speed Gear® has introduced the MultiCam® and MultiCam Black™ color variations to the Polymer TACO® line as a limited edition offering.


High Speed Gear® is constantly expanding their product lines to meet the needs of the tactical community. The new polymer TACO colors will allow end users to match the original nylon TACOs® to the latest MultiCam® and MultiCam Black™ Polymer TACOs®. These colors will be offered for the Polymer Rifle TACO® and Polymer Pistol TACO®. In addition, the Polymer Handcuff TACO® is now available in Coyote Brown.


“As a company, we are proud to keep developing new products as well as new variations of products to fit the needs of our customers.” Said Allison Mitchum, HSGI® Director of Sales & Marketing. “We have a large number of customers that rely on and enjoy the Polymer TACO line so in 2020, we added LE Blue for those law enforcement agencies that required it. Now with the additional colors of MultiCam® and MultiCam Black™, we can now offer an even broader selection of colors.”


The polymer TACOs® function the same as their nylon TACO counterparts. The design lets users have the same versatility that will grip and retain a wide variety of rifle and pistol magazines. The polymer line features grommets for drainage and is made with waterproof materials.



Polymer TACO:


Polymer Pistol TACO:


Polymer Handcuff TACO®:


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