Lo-V Mag Pouches


Developed in collaboration with David Acosta of Allegiance Defense Solutions, the Lo-V Series magazine pouches allow for discrete carry of pistol or rifle magazines inside the waistband or in a pocket. Featuring both elastic and stiff thermoplastic, the pouches adapt to accommodate most pistol and rifle magazines, and fold flat when the magazine is removed, for IWB carry comfort. The rigid polypropylene mounting panel keeps the pouch securely in place and allows for various cants and ride heights to match user preference.

Ships with DCC Mod 4 1.5" Shorty Belt Clip

-Adjustable ride height
-Adjustable cant for different positions
-Adjustable clip for ITP or IWB
-Best in class clip (strength, size, finish)
-Next gen materials with polypropolene
-All day comfort
-Adaptability for different belt sizes
-Sweat guard for comfort and ease of

-Made in USA & Berry Compliant

PMP: 31g

          1.75" x 1" x 4"

RMP: 60g

          3" x 1" x 4.5"