All High Speed Gear medical products are built with purpose in mind. The feature-rich designs that HSGI offers allow for strategic placement of essential medical supplies that users can trust.  Our ReFlex IFAK System and ReVive Medical Pouch offer a reliable platform for all of your life saving medical equipment. 

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  1. ReFlex™ IFAK System
    ReFlex™ IFAK System
  2. ReVive™ Medical Pouch
    ReVive™ Medical Pouch
  3. Bleeder/Blowout Pouch™
    Bleeder/Blowout Pouch™
  4. ReFlex™ Hanger
    ReFlex™ Hanger
  5. ReFlex™ Vehicle Mount
    ReFlex™ Vehicle Mount
  6. ReFlex™ Leg Rig
    ReFlex™ Leg Rig
  7. Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch
    Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch
  8. Med Pak
    Med Pak
  9. Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag
    Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag
  10. Tourniquet TACO®
    Tourniquet TACO®
  11. Polymer Tourniquet TACO®
    Polymer Tourniquet TACO®
  12. Slick Tourniquet TACO®
    Slick Tourniquet TACO®
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