See the newest products from the High Speed Gear lineup. Since 1999, High Speed Gear is committed to innovation and improvement. Updates in materials have helped to launch products like the Lightweight TACOs. New hardware and materials make it possible to design products like the EDC Vigil Belt. Commitment to learning about new equipment has helped High Speed Gear to branch out into the medical field and K9 products.

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  1. Sniper Sack
    Sniper Sack
  2. Elastic Extended Pistol Pouch
    Elastic Extended Pistol Pouch
  3. Elastic Rifle Pouch
    Elastic Rifle Pouch
  4. Elastic Pistol Pouch
    Elastic Pistol Pouch
  5. Duty Baton TACO
    Duty Baton TACO
  6. Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch
    Rapid Access Multipurpose (RAM) Pouch
  7. Med Pak
    Med Pak
  8. Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag
    Team Response Kit (TRiK) Bag
  9. Duty OC Spray TACO
    Duty OC Spray TACO
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