The HSGI Core™ Plate Carrier line is a ruggedly-designed, affordable plate carrier built for law enforcement or range/training use. With padded shoulder straps and spacer mesh interior, the Core is comfortable and low profile. Despite its streamlined design, it remains versatile, sporting adjustability, comfort, plenty of laser-cut MOLLE for scalability, and more. HSGI offers many accessories and add-ons for the Core Plate Carrier to include the Core Cummerbund, the Navigator Tech Pouch, the HSGI TACO Shingle and many more!

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  1. Light Chest Platform-BK
    HSGI® Chest Platform
  2. Core® Plate Carrier-Small (small SAPI or 8"x10" plates)-BK
    Core Plate Carrier
  3. NEO Chest Rig-BK
    Neo Chest Rig
  4. AO Chest Rig-BK
    AO Chest Rig
  5. Core® Side Plate Cummerbund-BK
    Core Side Plate Cummerbund
  6. Core® Cummerbund-2-Column-BK
    Core Cummerbund
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