High Speed Gear is dedicated to building the best Battle-Proven Tactical Gear. All High Speed Gear products are made in the U.S.A. High Speed Gear makes wide variety of nylon, polymer and Kydex products including: TACOs, pouches, belts, plate carriers, bags and backpacks, leg rigs, chest rigs, holsters, K9 products, slings and more. All products are covered by High Speed Gear’s limited lifetime warranty.

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  1. Flashlight Carrier
    Flashlight Carrier
  2. Duty OC Spray TACO
    Duty OC Spray TACO
  3. Navigator Tech Pouch
    Navigator Tech Pouch
  4. Tech/Admin Pouch - Pack Build System
    Tech/Admin Pouch - Pack Build System
  5. Duty Glove Pouch
    Duty Glove Pouch
  6. Mini MAP V2
    Mini MAP V2
  7. Sniper Waist Pack
    Sniper Waist Pack
  8. Mini EOD Pouch V2
    Mini EOD Pouch V2
  9. Gas Mask Pouch V2
    Gas Mask Pouch V2
  10. Canteen 2QT Pouch
    Canteen 2QT Pouch
  11. Ambidextrous Multipurpose Pouch (AMP)
    Ambidextrous Multipurpose Pouch (AMP)
  12. Soft TACO®
    Soft TACO®
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