SF Wrap/Shoulder Pads


HSG SF Wrap Pads feature SmartFlex™ Non-Newtonian impact additive which attenuates shock and reduces fatigue by dampening the transfer of energy to the end user. Versatile design can be used in a wide configuration to provide maximum surface area to support large backpack straps, or a slim configuration for minimal bulk on shoulder straps. SF Wrap Pads can be added to most plate carrier shoulder straps, as well as belts and weapon slings to improve comfort. The material can be trimmed with scissors for a customized fit. Shipped as a set of 2 with One Wrap straps. 

SmartFlex Non-Newtonian Impact Additive: Reduces fatigue by attenuating shock and energy transfer.

Versatile Design: Accommodates various configurations to meet diverse support requirements.

Compatible with Various Gear Components: Fits most plate carrier shoulder straps, belts, and weapon slings.

Customizable Fit: Material can be trimmed for personalized adjustments.

Accommodates Straps up to 2.5 Inches Wide: Ensures versatility across different gear sizes.

Water-Resistant Closed-Cell Material: Does not absorb water, maintaining durability and reliability in various environments.

Proudly Made in the USA; Berry Amendment Compliant: Ensures high-quality and compliance standards


Dimensions: 3.75” X 9” X .375”
Weight: 2.6 oz / 75 g / 0.16 lbs