The High Speed Gear TACO is the flagship product of the brand. There are so many variations of the TACO to include the Duty TACO line, the Original TACO line, and the Kydex/Polymer TACO lines. High Speed Gear is known for design versatile products to allow users to customize and kit out their rig depending on their use.  All HSGI TACO Magazine Pouches are 100% made in the USA and Berry Compliant. 

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  1. Double Double Decker TACO®
    Double Double Decker TACO®
  2. Double Extended Pistol / Baton TACO®
    Double Extended Pistol / Baton TACO®
  3. Pistol TACO® LT
    Pistol TACO® LT
  4. Extended Pistol / Baton TACO® LT
    Extended Pistol / Baton TACO® LT
  5. Double Decker® TACO® LT
    Double Decker® TACO® LT
  6. Ball Grenade TACO®
    Ball Grenade TACO®
  7. Tourniquet TACO®
    Tourniquet TACO®
  8. Stun Gun TACO®
    Stun Gun TACO®
  9. Radio Pop-Up TACO®
    Radio Pop-Up TACO®
  10. Pistol TACO® (Single, Double & Triple)
    Pistol TACO® (Single, Double & Triple)
  11. LEO TACO®
  12. Multi-Access Comm (MAC™) TACO®
    Multi-Access Comm (MAC™) TACO®
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