All High Speed Gear medical products are built with purpose in mind. The feature-rich designs that HSGI offers allow for strategic placement of essential medical supplies that users can trust.  Our ReFlex IFAK System and ReVive Medical Pouch offer a reliable platform for all of your life saving medical equipment. 

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  1. ReFlex™ Vehicle Mount
    ReFlex™ Vehicle Mount
  2. ReFlex™ Hanger
    ReFlex™ Hanger
  3. ReFlex™ Leg Rig
    ReFlex™ Leg Rig
  4. Bleeder/Blowout Pouch™
    Bleeder/Blowout Pouch™
  5. ReVive™ Medical Pouch
    ReVive™ Medical Pouch
  6. ReFlex™ IFAK System
    ReFlex™ IFAK System
  7. 247 Trauma Wrap™
    247 Trauma Wrap™
  8. Ambidextrous Multipurpose Pouch (AMP)
    Ambidextrous Multipurpose Pouch (AMP)
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