High Speed Gear announces Special Missions Pouch

High Speed Gear announces Special Missions Pouch
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High Speed Gear announces Special Missions Pouch

SWANSBORO, N.C. – July 29, 2022 – High Speed Gear® has released the Special Missions Pouch.  The Special Missions Pouch is a highly versatile and adaptable pouch that allows the end-user the ability to wear or mount the pouch three different ways. 

1.     The Special Missions Pouch can be worn hanger style while attached to a plate carrier or placard. 

2.     The Special Missions Pouch can be belt mounted, two loops on the back of the Special Missions Pouch allow for most common belts to be threaded through the loops making it a perfect admin pouch for range days.

3.     The Special Missions Pouch can be worn waist pack style, as it comes with a provided back strap that allows the user to wear around their waist making the pouch easy to attach and detach. 

Additionally, the Special Missions Pouch was precisely designed for the ease of flex cuff storage.  Elastic loops around the pouch allow for up to three flex cuffs to be stored on the outer edges of the pouch making it easy to deploy in one quick motion so that our users are not struggling with their gear while trying to detain an adversary.

“At HSGI, we understand that that missions will change, and our users will need to adapt to those missions,” said Allison Mitchum, director of sales and marketing at High Speed Gear. “We continue to produce versatile American-made equipment to solve the needs for those who rely on it most.”
The Special Missions Pouch is available for sale now on the High Speed Gear® website, Special Missions Pouch (highspeedgear.com) and throughout the HSGI Authorized Dealer network. 

HSGI® started as a custom shop in 1999, making gear for Marines at Camp Lejeune. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest full-time employer in Swansboro, N.C., with distinct and innovative products like the TACO® and the Sure-Grip® Padded Belt. The company continues to expand with a mission to serve their community and those in need of tactical gear.